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Xcel+ Training Program is designed and implemented by Brooklyn Chinese Volleyball Association Inc owners and coaches.

As part of our continuing mission to maximize all aspects of our players and teams abilities, we now announce Xcel+.


Xcel+ is a new, custom training program developed by Brooklyn Chinese Volleyball Association Inc that is designed to specifically enhance Volleyball Player performance. At Xtreme, we realize that volleyball drills alone don't necessarily make a player stronger or faster; one must incorporate various other techniques such as strength & conditioning exercises, speed & agility training, injury prevention, video playback and game analysis, and psychological awareness and control.

In order to deliver our Xcel+ training with the highest quality, Xtreme has teamed up with; local sport-specific, performance training  coaches; sports medicine specialists and Blue Print Mental Health, an innovator in behavior therapy, to give our players the edge on performance and to Xcel at their game.


We are confident that our new program and teammates will give our players the elite training they need to achieve their full potential.

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